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    Healthy No Bake Energy Bites Recipe
    July 18, 2019
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    A Year End Note + Thoughts For 2019
    December 29, 2018
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    A Holiday Style Guide
    December 19, 2018
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    My Vintage Shopping Guide
    August 26, 2018
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    Join A Night For Green Beauty On August 2!
    July 31, 2018
  • Top Takeaways of 2017

    Top Takeaways of 2017

    Oh, hey 2018. Didn’t see ya there. Looking back on a past year can certainly bring up many feelings and reveal a lot of changes that may have occurred over those 365 days.  I like to take a little look back and pull out the big lessons, discoveries, and happy moments that will help me into the new year and I’d love to share those in today’s post.  From life lessons to beauty finds, here are my top takeaways of…

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    How I Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy

    How I Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy

    Buongiorno amici! Longtime readers and friends of mine will know that I’ve always been into healthy eating and living.  I’ve had different periods of rigidity (that I’ve set for myself) as it pertains to diet, but now I’ve more or less settled on eating mostly plant-based while indulging when I need/want to.  I’ve recently been rereading and listening to some health information that has reminded me of the importance of staying on this track.  I thought it was a perfect…

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    Holiday Gift Guide For Him

    Holiday Gift Guide For Him

    Ciaooo holiday people! I got a lot of positive feedback from my last gift guide for her, so I wanted to put together another one, this time for the men on your list!  Every woman knows that it can be so. hard. shopping. for. guys.  I feel it every year when shopping for my dad so I am never one to turn away any gift idea that pops up along the way. I gathered some cool pieces here in a…

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    Holiday Gift Guide For Her

    Holiday Gift Guide For Her

    Buongiorno! I’m very excited to share with you my first ever holiday gift guide for today’s post—woohoo!  I gathered a bunch of cute things on here in a variety of price ranges that I’ve either had my eye on, or have already snagged! Some gifts are pricier than others, but I tried to choose something for every kind of lady in your life.  P.S. I wanted to mention that I’m not being sponsored by any of the following items and…

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    Green Beauty Finds for Clear Skin

    Green Beauty Finds for Clear Skin

    Ciao tutti! I’ve recently come across some amazing new finds in the green beauty space that are really helping my skin with the transition between seasons.  I don’t know about you, but my skin starts acting up as the weather changes and I have to pay special attention to it going into the fall and winter.  Today I’m sharing with you my newest skincare finds that are all (as always) safe, chemical free and work. 😊

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