Necessary Nudes + Neutrals

Buongiorno e buon anno!!

I hope everyone had a lovely new year’s and is ready to bring in some great things this year. 🙂 For my first post of the new year I have something that I’ve been thinking about doing for a while.  After searching for many years for the best nudes/neutral lip colors, I have my stash narrowed down to a few products that I love!

If you are in need of a great neutral lip color (or the best nude nail polish ever 😉 ) you are in the right place!

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Looking Forward :: Resolutions For A Bright New Year

Buongiorno! 🙂

I was thinking of what I wanted to do on the topic of a New Year/ Resolution post, but I’m honestly a little torn on the whole concept of setting this list of goals on January 1st for the year.

I like to set new goals all the time.  When I decide I want to travel more, lose weight, eat healthier etc., I start that goal that day and work toward making it happen.  I also prefer to view time on a day-to-day and even moment-to-moment basis rather than group events or periods of gains or losses into years.  That being said, it is nice to feel that fresh slate feeling of a new year, so I do set in place some new ideas to drive me into it.

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My Best Beauty Posts Of 2016

Hi everyone!

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Soul Food #10: The Importance Of A Morning Routine

Buongiorno! ❤

Establishing and practicing a morning routine may sound insignificant, but it’s one of the easiest things you can do in your daily life to aid in improving overall peace and balance and provide a clear, positive space within which to start your day.

As always with the subjects of my soul food posts, this practice offers benefits on multiple levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual and is worth at least a try. 🙂

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My Favorite Wellness Posts of 2016

Ciao tutti!

The Bellezza Corner is just about one year old now (!) and as part of reflecting on 2016, I thought I’d do a little recap of my favorite wellness posts of the year.  When I was just starting out, I put a lot into writing some wellness posts to help provide a base for my blog’s content going forward. They are all interesting topics that I find myself bringing up again and again in my more current posts.  So I thought I’d throw it back in case you missed some cool information!

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Holiday Giveaway! ($279 value)

Buongiorno!! 🙂

I have a special, giant giveaway for you guys in celebration of the holidays! I’ve had this awesome gift ready for a little while now and I was waiting until holiday time so I’m so excited to finally be doing it for you guys!

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Winter Skincare Wonders

Hello helloo lovelies!

It is definitely starting to feel like winter now, which for me is *officially* confirmed when my skin starts to feel a bit drier and itchy sometimes.  So that means the winter skincare regime is upon us!

Winter skincare for me means extra moisturizing and exfoliating more regularly so here I have my favorite products for accomplishing both of those tasks!

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