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    A Year End Note + Thoughts For 2019
    December 29, 2018
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    A Holiday Style Guide
    December 19, 2018
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    My Vintage Shopping Guide
    August 26, 2018
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    Talking Time + A Cool Watch Giveaway
    July 25, 2018
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    My Summer Reading List
    July 4, 2018
  • My 7 Staple Makeup Products

    My 7 Staple Makeup Products

    Hey everybody, Today I’m talking about my seven classic/staple/ go-to/ holy grail/ everyday little wingmen. Yes these are my favorite makeup products that I just can’t live without! Lucky number seven I suppose. Whatever it is, these bad boys do not disappoint.  I have already written about most of them at one time or another but I wanted to have them all in one place to give them the appreciation they deserve. 😉 I swear by each and every one and wanted to…

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    DIY Face Masks for Blackheads

    DIY Face Masks for Blackheads

    Hi, everyone!I stopped by the Aviva Pure website and wrote this post for their blog. They have a great natural skincare product line, and I used their coconut oil for one of my masks as well! Enjoy! xoxo

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    Your Secret Power Waiting to Bring You Everything You Want- Affirmations

    Your Secret Power Waiting to Bring You Everything You Want- Affirmations

    Hi everyone, I’m really excited about today’s post, as it is something that I practice daily in my personal life and have seen how it works.  I’m certainly not the first person to be sharing this information, but even for people who already practice, reading things a second or third time always reminds us to keep this practice as a prominent part of our lives.  I wanted to talk about affirmations: why we make them, how we make them, and…

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    Some Information About Dairy

    Some Information About Dairy

    Hellooo friends, Today I’m sharing with you what I’ve learned about dairy and why I consume very little of it.  It’s important to go beyond “it’s good for you” and “it’s not good for you” when understanding which foods you should and shouldn’t incorporate into your diet, so I’m giving you guys facts and the explanations why. When I first read this information, (in my favorite book of all time, The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder) it really just “clicked”…

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    D I Y  Home Decor Idea: Brightening Up With Flowers

    D I Y Home Decor Idea: Brightening Up With Flowers

      Hey guys, As I mentioned, I definitely wanted to get into some “lifestyle” posts in addition to beauty and wellness.  I love love love decorating my home and coming up with new DIY projects related to that.  I put this flower arrangement up in my new apartment yesterday and wanted to share with you all how I did it! 🙂

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