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    Healthy No Bake Energy Bites Recipe
    July 18, 2019
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    A Year End Note + Thoughts For 2019
    December 29, 2018
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    A Holiday Style Guide
    December 19, 2018
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    My Vintage Shopping Guide
    August 26, 2018
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    Join A Night For Green Beauty On August 2!
    July 31, 2018
  • Denim Skirts and Platforms

    Denim Skirts and Platforms

    Hi everyone! I have a fashion post for you today! I have this dark jean skirt from Topshop that I just looove and it goes well with so many different colors and kinds of tops.  I paired it with this mustard yellow crop top from Forever 21. I love how the mustard and jean colors complement each other.  I topped it all off with my favorite sneaks- my white Superga platform sneakers! These bad boys literally go with everything, I…

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    The Magical Food That Is…Apple Cider Vinegar!

    The Magical Food That Is…Apple Cider Vinegar!

    Well hello everyone, We made it through Monday- good stuff. Today I’m going through all the beauty benefits of the miracle product that is apple cider vinegar.  I’ve been drinking this pungent little guy for many years, as it has so very many health and beauty benefits from helping with your cold to aiding in weight loss, and is super easy to incorporate into your diet.  Read on to find out what it is, how to drink it, and why…

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    Dusty Rose and Ripped Jeans

    Dusty Rose and Ripped Jeans

    Happy Saturday everyone! Today’s post is a fashion post (woohoo!) and I’m sharing with you my utter obsession with the color I always refer to as “dusty rose.” I wear it in my clothes, on my nails, on my lips- you name it! It’s soft, feminine, and perfect for spring and summer. This chunky, off-the-shoulder knit sweater is super cute for a relaxing spring or summer night out-especially if it gets a little chilly out 🙂 I paired it with…

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    Four Ayurvedic Oral Care Practices To Try

    Four Ayurvedic Oral Care Practices To Try

    Hello hello! I have some really great information to share with you today about oral care.  I am weirdly obsessed with keeping my mouth and teeth clean and healthy (I’ve never even gotten cavity! *knocks on wood*) and have utilized many of the following practices for years to maintain this health. It is only recently that I started reading about the connection between these practices and Ayurveda– and specifically how they work to keep the mouth clean and detoxed on…

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    Classic Black With a Pop of Color

    Classic Black With a Pop of Color

    Hey everyone!! I have finally gotten around to starting up on fashion posts! Woohoo! Lord knows I’ve got enough to work with in my closet 😉 In this look I went all black, as black never fails- even in spring! I have a light, cut-out shoulder sweater and ripped skinnies topped off with red Supergas. I love the pop of color in the lips and sneaks to spring up this outfit. Sneakers are definitely my shoe of choice in general, and I love feminine,…

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