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    July 18, 2019
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    December 29, 2018
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    A Holiday Style Guide
    December 19, 2018
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  • ‘Florals for spring- groundbreaking.’

    ‘Florals for spring- groundbreaking.’

    Hey everyone! Comin’ atcha with a little Devil Wears Prada. 😉 I have a fashion post today, wearing an outfit I just LOVE, all by LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls. I never really go into Kohls at all and I thought to check out her line one day a few months ago and was so impressed. She really has beautiful, feminine, delicate pieces that are a nice quality.  I found this gorgeous little fluffy baby blue sweater and floral maxi skirt…

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    Mastering The Half Moon Manicure

    Mastering The Half Moon Manicure

    Hello hello! Today’s post is for those of you who enjoy nail art. 🙂 I love nail art and have developed a really steady hand for it, so I do everything myself and love to get creative and have fun with it! I love the look of a half moon manicure- especially on longer, rounded nails. It’s so elegant, and gives an elongated look to the nails. It’s also pretty easy to achieve, so I wanted to walk you guys…

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    What Your Fingernails Are Trying To Tell You About Your Health

    What Your Fingernails Are Trying To Tell You About Your Health

    Hi everyone, I have some really interesting information to share today with you.  I talked a lot in my post “Connecting With (and loving!) Your Body” about how our bodies are always trying to communicate with us, and make us aware of various health and emotional issues that we need to address.  In this post, I want to delve deeper into one area of our bodies that sometimes tells us quite a bit of information: our fingernails.  Maybe you have…

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    Beauty Benefits of Dry Brushing!

    Beauty Benefits of Dry Brushing!

    Hellooo everyone! In today’s post I’m going to give you all the 411 on dry brushing.  Dry brushing is one of those super easy practices to incorporate into your existing skincare/health care/ detoxing routines that has a big effect on your body! I’m all about those quick and easy practices that enhance our inner and outer beauty, so let’s dive right into what dry brushing is and why we should be doing it!  🙂

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    3 Simple Braid Hairstyles To Try

    3 Simple Braid Hairstyles To Try

    Happy Sunday everyone! Today I have three hairstyles for you, all involving dutch braids, that are perfect for spring.  I love throwing my hair back in a braid and getting it off my face in a beautiful way.  If you already have a knack for braiding your own hair, these hairstyles should come pretty easy to you.  If you are a newbie to braiding, it just takes practice and getting used to how to hold your hands to keep the…

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