A “Whish” Come True | A Natural Skincare Brand Worth Trying!

A “Whish” Come True | A Natural Skincare Brand Worth Trying!

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Anyone who knows me — even the tiiiiniest little bit from my blog or insta — probably knows I am quite a fan of natural skincare and beauty products. I believe wholeheartedly in living a healthy lifestyle, and I try to make the best choices possible when it comes to my health. I’m big into reading ingredient labels and if you’re like me, you know it can be tricky. Today I’m comin’ atcha with a great new brand I’ve discovered called Whish.

All Whish products are:

  • paraben free
  • sulfate free
  • phthalate free
  • DEA + TEA free
  • Petrochemical free
  • Cruelty free + Leaping Bunny Certified
  • Made with naturally sourced and organic ingredients
  • (and made in the U.S.A.!)

I’ve done a lot of research on ingredients to avoid in skincare and beauty products and if you want to read more, click here for my post all about it.

I think it’s so important for customers to know that across the entire product line, you won’t find these toxins. If you haven’t noticed, some brands that act “natural”, pick and choose the products that they add junk to, and that’s not expected (or appreciated) by the customer.

I tried out a few Whish products and wanted to give you guys the low down:

Crème Cleanser

I’ve been looking to replace my current cleanser, as it was something I picked up when I was traveling and it left behind an obnoxious film every time I washed my face. The Crème Cleanser is light, non-greasy — so it works perfectly with my Clarisonic — and comes off completely. Another tell of a great cleanser it that your skin doesn’t feel totally stripped and dry after. (check!)

Key ingredients include: rice powder, rose flower extract, organic aloe, organic green tea leaf extract and organic sunflower seed oil.

A Whish Come True | A Natural Skincare Brand Worth Trying

Recovering Night Cream with Bakuchiol

I’ve been using Vitamin E oils on my skin at night and wanted to try a more active formula. I’ve only used the night creme a couple times, but it’s packed with natural anti-age fighters like rose hip oil and bakuchiol as well as antioxidant rich moisturizers. I love having a whole night of sleep for all that goodness to sink it and do its job.

Bakuchiol was a new ingredient to me and Whish has a whole line utilizing it. It’s a natural compound with resorative and anti-aging properties. It’s an antioxidant found in the seeds and leaves of the plant Psoralea Corylifolia and it works like a natural retinol.

Key ingredients include: Bakuchiol, organic rose hip seed oil, organic argan oil and chamomile extract.

A Whish Come True | A Natural Skincare Brand Worth Trying

Nourishing Dew Mask

I loooove masks, so had to try one. I use a lot of clay masks, and have lately sought out more moisturizing ones. I love the texture of this mask, it’s almost like a moisturizer it’s so soft and hydrating. It feels lovely and it easy to remove — no fighting with hardened clay.

Key ingredients: capuacu butter, mango butter, organic rose hip fruit extract, green tea leaf extract, mimosa flower extract.

A Whish Come True | A Natural Skincare Brand Worth Trying

Lavender Body Butter

Body butters are where it’s at. I go through them so fast, and this one is so luciousss! This body butter is smooth, hydrating and not too thick. Bonus – it’s collagen boosting and firming with a triple antioxidant formula. I’ll take it.

Key ingredients: organic shea butter, organic raspberry butter, organic aloe and organic seaweed extract.

A Whish Come True | A Natural Skincare Brand Worth Trying

I’ve totally incorporated each one of these into my daily routine and I’m loving how the feel and perform. They have such a vast product line and I can’t wait to continue trying them! Whish — granted!

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    The natural cosmetic products have a beneficial effect on the skin of the face. Such a composition helps us to feel confident and comfortable

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