Soul Food 1 :: Relationship Reflections

Soul Food 1 :: Relationship Reflections

Hey everyone!

I’m so excited to write my first soul food post ūüôā

A few months back I had my astrological birth chart done by an amazing astrologer in New York City. Among numerous¬†amazing points he made about my personality and important life events of my past, present, and future, he said one line that really stood out to me in regard to my relationships. ¬†We were reflecting on past relationship¬†patterns of mine in which I tend to see the potential of the person I am¬†with to grow, but they don’t¬†quite get¬†there¬†in all the time we are¬†together. ¬†Despite the obvious signs that the relationship is¬†not very healthy for me, I¬†have¬†a hard time moving on. ¬†And then my astrologer said to me, “well, we are all divine beings.”


This fact, though I already knew it to be true, somehow in this context tied up all my loose ends in regard to my relationship reflections. ¬†I felt that no matter what painful/hurtful/unpleasant aspects there were to my relationships, “he was just such a ‘good’ person” that I couldn’t let it go. ¬†Somehow, the fact that these past boyfriends¬†were-at their¬†core-kind, sensitive, and sweet overwhelmed any of the negative things that they¬†were also responsible for. ¬†And I could not let it¬†go for a while. ¬†I just kept thinking, “but I saw who he really is,” “I could feel his soul,” “despite any of his issues, or issues of his that had now become my own, he is a good, kind soul.” OF COURSE HE IS!We are all divine beings!

That’s why we love each other so much in the first place! We all come from the same place, and we all are so connected. There are very very few genuinely bad human beings among us. ¬†There are people who are young souls, and therefore do hurtful or insensitive things without knowing better, and¬†people going through difficulties, and are therefore unable to fully support the energy of another. But they are still divine beings and innately “good” people. ¬†And that’s what we feel for them.


I also believe that it’s possible to see the potential of someone, and confuse that with what is before you. ¬†I’ve done this with numerous people in my life even outside of romantic relationships. ¬†I tend to practically¬†treat them as if they are the person who their potential could be, and this is a mistake for your wellbeing. ¬†Not to say that we cannot change and grow-of course we do- but if someone does not move at all over a period of time, you cannot count on it to happen eventually. ¬†It may not ever happen!

Again, this person is still a divine¬†soul, but are they supporting your energy? Are they returning the energy and love you are giving to them? Are they respecting you at a human level? Seeing through to someone’s soul is an amazing thing, but that person should also be held responsible for their human actions.

That’s why even when your logical mind tells you that “ok this has happened, or that keeps happening, and it’s maybe not a good relationship for me,” you may still not be able to move on. ¬†At least that is what happened to me.


The good news here is that if that person was such a beautiful soul, you can be sure your next person and/or the person you ultimately end up with is also a beautiful soul! So don’t feel for a second that you lost your only chance at being with such an amazing being, because you will find someone who is all that and¬†supports you and your needs.

And this goes for friendships as well. I don’t look back at past friendships and think “oh what a horrible person, I’m so happy to be rid of that.” I think, “ok, that person was not supporting my needs on this [human] level anymore, and that’s why we are not in each other’s lives any more.” There is only compassion when you understand this point.

But let’s try to remember- (as I am telling myself too!)- that we are all connected and we should have compassion with one another while still respecting ourselves and our needs!¬†

I hope that this helped at least one person out there, as I got such enlightenment out of hearing that line. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below <3

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    Absolutely loved this one. Thank you!!

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