Connecting With (and loving!) Your Body

Connecting With (and loving!) Your Body

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I’ve been doing a lot of reading and thinking about this topic in the last year or so and I think it’s such valuable information to be made aware of.  Sometimes we forget to pay attention to our bodies and forget to consider, appreciate, and be grateful toward them for all the hard work they do for us day in and day out.  Then when the body presents problems, we mask the problems through medications rather than thinking about what it is trying to tell us.

Many people have totally lost touch with their bodies and either don’t treat it with respect, or just flat out don’t consider it to be the living entity that it is.  Our bodies are our temples, as they say, and losing sight of this can be detrimental not only to our physical health, but to our mental and emotional health and overall inner peace.  In this post I’ve provided some information on why it’s important to develop a conscious connection with your physical body and how to do so.



> Your cells are alive and listening:

There are approximately 37.2 trillion cells in the human body.  Each and every one of those cells is alive, listening and feeling your thoughts directed towards it.  When you are constantly feeling hatred toward your body, it will react to that.  In the same way that our thoughts create our reality, (see “Your Secret Power Waiting to Bring You Everything You Want- Affirmations” for more detail on that) our thoughts toward our bodies create that reality.  Thinking, saying, and feeling “I hate my stomach” is heard loud and clear by your cells and will only perpetuate more of the same.  Also the more you feel hatred or disgust with your body, the more you disconnect and distance yourself from it.  Our goal is to be aligned with our body, and then it can work with you to bring you what you want out of it.

On the contrary, sending love and appreciation toward the cells will deepen your connection with your body, and help you to achieve what you desire from it.  You can literally talk to your cells either out loud or in your mind and say “thank you for always serving me, I love you.”  It may sound silly but it works and your body deserves it!  Bringing me to my next point…

>The power of the attitude of gratitude:


In general, expressing gratitude for anything in your life is an excellent practice.  It shows your acknowledgement of the universe/spirit/God bringing you what you desire, and promotes more of the same.  It is no different with the body.  And there is so much to be thankful for!

Our bodies work so hard for us everyday, and deserve to be recognized and appreciated.  Just think about what your feet go through in a day.  They work all day long for us, so I often thank them at the end of the day.  Since all of your cells can hear you, showing appreciation and gratitude is a beautiful way to connect with your body and send it love.  I tend to say my affirmations at night before I go to sleep and I find that this is also a great time to take a minute and appreciate my body for always working so hard for me.

Here are a couple examples of how hard our bodies work for us and how we may not be showing gratitude where gratitude is due:

  • Cellulite– Lots of people have issues with cellulite and send constant negative thoughts to the parts of the body that have it.  In actuality, cellulite results from the body pushing the toxins away from its vital organs out toward the skin to protect itself from disease.  This purpose of this function is to save your life! Also, cellulite is trying to show you that you have all of these toxins inside of you.  Obviously no one likes the look of it, but instead of hating it, try thanking it for serving its purpose, making affirmations to release it, and being more conscious of what you’re putting inside your body.
  • Acne: Acne is also easy to “hate.” It’s not attractive and can make you feel insecure about your appearance.  But acne also serves a purpose and is trying to tell you something about your body.  Acne often occurs when you are under stress, showing you to try and reduce your stress.  Acne, like cellulite, is also another way that the body rids itself of toxins.

Our body is always on our side and trying to help us by relaying messages to us through “symptoms” like these. There is a beautiful book called “Heal Your Body” by Louise Hay where you can look up specific health concerns, and see what it is exactly that your body is trying to tell you. There is also an affirmation included for each health issue to help you resolve and move through it. It is very inexpensive and SO informative.



Our mind and body are intertwined.  Just think about how you get headaches or start to sweat when you’re stressed.  The body directly responds to your thoughts and worries and it should come as no surprise that stress can really take a toll on the physical body in a number of ways.  It’s crucial that when you feel stress and worry coming on, you take conscious measures to relax and protect your body.

  • Breathing: Breathing is a tool that is incredibly easy to utilize and works immediately to relax the body and mind.  Deep breathing several times instantly relaxes the physical body and sends it the message, “you’re ok.”  I am currently reading a breathing book and will be posting about it later on, but for now I’m practicing a lot of breathing in for four seconds, holding for four seconds, and breathing out for four seconds.  It is very powerful and you can do it anytime, any place.
  • Meditating: Meditating is another effective way to bring peace to the mind and body.  Though it can be tricky to begin practicing habitually, meditations are an easy practice to incorporate into your daily life, even if only for 5 or 10 minutes a day.  I like doing guided mediations that walk me through different scenarios.  There are a number of free meditations online if you poke around.  Here is link that offers several free guided meditations.


Once your body starts to feel love, it will change.  Not only will it change, you will feel better having a tighter union between your mind, body and spirit.  Greater connection between mind, body, and spirit= greater inner peace and that is always our goal.

Please let me know what you guys think about all this, I’d love to hear your take. 🙂

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  1. February 6, 2017 / 2:06 pm

    Wow I’ve never thought about meditating for 30 seconds. I always think of it as something I have to do for 10 minutes and if I don’t have 10 minutes I put it off and end up going weeks without doing it but when I do it does so much for me. Thanks <3

    • February 7, 2017 / 9:13 am

      I think that’s what scares people off/ intimidates them about meditation. I see it as just trying to find moments of being present and working toward that goal. ❤

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