My Essential Makeup Brushes

My Essential Makeup Brushes

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed, there are soo very many different brushes, sponges, and applicators out there and it can be overwhelming. Over time and with much trial and error, I have narrowed my collection down to the best of the best and would like to share with you all what I use for a flawless finish!


a look inside my sparkly little makeup bag at my best brushes!

>>First up: liquid foundation applicator- a beauty blender

I love my beauty blender. It really gives the most flawless finish, free of any brush stroke marks that sometimes sneak in there when using a brush with liquid foundation.  I dab on my liquid foundation in dots all over my face then wet the beauty blender, wring out any water, and in little motions dab my face. I don’t ever pull across my face or rub, as that can make streaks and lead to an uneven application.

Then I use another, clean side of the same beauty blender to blend in my under eye concealer and later my contour- should I choose to use a liquid or cream contour.

It’s great because you can use all sides of it for products of differing shades without having to wash in-between.  Then you can use it to blend everything together on the face, as it makes blending so very easy!

Cleaned with a mild soap and water, it is also very easy to wash before the next use. These little guys are available almost anywhere now-including Marshalls and T.J. Maxx for about $3.99 so it’s a great, affordable tool to have.

>>Next is my blush brush: Sephora Collection Classic Must Have Angled Blush Brush #50 (available HERE)

I found this brush quite by accident at Sephora and love it oh-so dearly.  A popular choice for blush is a more fluffy brush usually, but the shape of this brush and its dense bristles allow it to pick up more product for a more direct application, without having to keep dipping and brushing over and over. This effect can also make it “easier” to over-apply without practice, but if you want to get the job done a little faster and know exactly where you’re applying the blush on your face, this brush is great.

IMG_9760 (1)
Bonus: its angled shape is also perfect for use with contouring- after a good clean of course!

>> For powder contour/bronzer –a kabuki brush (mine is available HERE and I actually found it Kohl’s, of all places!)

I found this kabuki brush at Kohl’s, which was surprising, but I thought I’d give the line “Real Techniques” a try.  It works very well and the shape of the brush makes it perfect for contouring. Any kabuki brush is a good idea when applying a powder contour, and this one was affordable and gets the job done just the same.

This particular kabuki brush is retractable.  So it can be “closed,” making the bristles denser for a more focused and precise application, or “opened,” for a looser application. Its retractable function also makes it easy to travel with.

IMG_0034 (1).jpg

bonus points: IT’S PINK!


>>For eyes: Sephora Collection Smoke Machine Smoky Eye Brush Set (available HERE)

This brush set includes five brushes that come in a little travel bag and it comes with a bonus mascara which is always nice!

The brushes are: angled liner brush, smudge brush, precision smudge (or pencil brush), base shadow brush, and shadow brush.

I love using the precision smudge/pencil brush to work a darker color into my crease and to line my bottom lashes.  And I use the shadow brush to blend.  With these five, I don’t ever have a need for other eye shadow brushes, as they cover all the bases.

>> For brows: my spoolie brush

IMG_1019 (1).jpg
There are some fancy shmancy spoolie brushes out there right now, especially since thick brows are all the rage at the moment.  But my spoolie eyebrow brush is the biggest hack of all… I just clean a wand from an old mascara (that shouldn’t be too hard to get a hold of since mascara should be replaced every three months) and use it to brush my brows!

It’s free and is the same exact thing as those fancy brushes in sephora.  I use it to brush my brows to get them in place, and to brush my brow hairs up to trim them.


>> For blending, powder foundation application, bronzer- Sephora Collection Round Powder #41 (similar HERE)

I bought mine a couple years back but the one I’ve linked in their new version, identical except the color is changed.

IMG_9758 (1).jpg

I love this brush for blending primarily.  After I contour with bronzer I use it to blend all over my face to make everything seamless.  It’s big and fluffy so it’s perfect for softly blending. I’ll also use it to soften contour or blush if need be. It’s a great multi-use brush to have.


That’s it! Those are my essential brushes that I use for any and all makeup looks. Hope you enjoyed!!

Ciao loves!

Amanda xx



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